Onehoni Primary School Receives Solar Panels From Alency

23 May 2013 13:54

WINDHOEK, 23 MAY (NAMPA) - The Onehoni Primary School in the Efindi Village of the Oshana Region on Thursday received solar panels valued at N.dollars 50 000 from the Alency company here.
Alensy, a closed corporation (CC) company, is in the renewable energy industry in Namibia since 2006.
Its General Manager, Norbert Dorgeloh, handed over the donation to the Swapo-Party Youth league (SPYL) at the Swapo headquarters here on Thursday.
Dorgeloh said education is very important, as it is a foundation which a country?s economy is build on.
The company also donated a device for the school to have mobile phone network access, a laptop and fridge.
It recently joined the SPYL as a member.
Speaking during a media conference on the outcome of the second 12 May Movement celebration, SPYL Secretary Elijah Ngurare said the donation comes in the wake of the league?s National Executive Committee meeting held in February this year at the Efinde village.
?The school does not have electricity and cellphone network, and one has to climb on top of a tree in order to make a phone call. It is also at that village where the news about the death of late Dr Abraham Iyambo found us, albeit late,? Ngurare said.
The youth leaders said he is happy with the donation, as the youth league has been passionately talking about the importance of rural development in the country.
?In the SPYL?s Declaration of Efinde, we called for comrades in the corporate industry to help schools like Onehoni with anything they can come up with. Some companies already donated bricks to the school,? he stated.
Explaining about the conditions of the school, Ngurare said the school only has one classroom, which is shared by three different groups of learners, all taught at the same time.
?The classes are multi-grade. There is Grade Seven, Grade Five and Grade Three learners in that one class, which is only divided by chairs, and this means there is a need for more classrooms as well,? the SPYL leader explained.
Ngurare further emphasised that education is a shared responsibility, adding that what they have received is not for a Swapo school but a Namibian school, where a Namibian child is going to benefit.
At the same occasion, the SPYL leader also thanked various companies and individuals who supported them during the 12 May Movement celebrations, saying certificates of appreciation will be given to them soon.
Ngurare will soon hand over the donation to the Minister or Education Dawid Namwandi, to in turn hand it over the school.