Triplets from Arandis to meet Uukwaluudhi chief

03 Nov 2016 16:30pm
By Paulus Shiku
ARANDIS, 03 NOV (NAMPA) - “I did not know I am expecting Elongo,” Taimi Ekandjo says as she looks down at her three bundles of joy.
Born at the Swakopmund State Hospital last week, the triplets - two girls and one boy – are all healthy.
Speaking to Nampa in an interview at her home in Arandis on Tuesday, Ekandjo said the news that she was having triplets came as a surprise.
“The nurses initially told me that I am carrying twins, but when the doctors did the C-section, they told me there is a third one,” she said.
It was a pleasant surprise though, as ‘Elongo’ (the Oshiwambo word for triplets) are seen as a blessing in the 34-year-old Ekandjo’s Owambo culture.
Ekandjo, the first woman in her family to deliver triplets, plans to travel to Uukwaluudhi in the Omusati Region soon to present Josua, Elizabeth and Ester to Chief Josia Shikongo Taapopi of the Uukwaluudhi Traditional Authority.
She told this news agency as tradition and to show respect to the chief, they will take the babies to the royal house this month. Her family will then also celebrate, as is tradition when triplets are born.
Ekandjo is from Ondjeke village in Uukwaluudhi, but came to Arandis in search of work.
Her partner, the triplets’ father Tomas Akwenye, relies on temporary jobs in the construction industry for an income. Ekandjo said Akwenye promised to help her raise their babies. “He said he will go out of his way to make ends meet for us”.
Still, their situation poses a serious challenge for the couple in raising their children.
A few Good Samaritans have already started to assist by buying clothes for the babies, while a number of others from Walvis Bay, Windhoek and Swakopmund have also promised to see how they can help.
“A pram for triplets is N.dollars 10 000 and we really need one,” Ekandjo said.
Still, she said, she is overwhelmed with joy at the blessing and always asks God to give her the strength to raise the children.
“When God says yes nobody can say no; I receive my blessings with joy.”