Make use of ministry's psychometric tests: Muheua

05 Oct 2013 05:20
WINDHOEK, 05 OCT (NAMPA) – The Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Welfare, Alpheus Muheua has called on both public and private institutions to make use of the psychometric tests provided by his ministry.
The Labour Ministry conducts psychometric tests across the country, especially in schools and colleges.
Psychometric tests measure knowledge, abilities, attitudes, personality traits, and educational measurements.
“Most technical colleges utilise our psychometric tests during the selection of their students. Some ministries such as that of Finance and Lands and Resettlement also use our tests during their recruitment processes,” Muheua said during the launch of the manual for Differential Aptitude Tests Form L (DAT-L), with Namibian norms.
The Differential Aptitude Tests Form L (DAT-L) is an advanced aptitude test which is used for the selection of high functioning students for intellectually demanding fields such as medicine, engineering and law, amongst others.
“For those who are not utilising the services yet, this is the time for them to ask for the services… Gone are the days when Namibia’s children were plunged into occupations without any professional guidance from professionals like psychologists and psychological counsellors,” the deputy minister said.
He explained that the manual is aimed at limiting the chances of children pursuing fields which are not compatible with their potential.
“We need to understand the human mind in order to be able to appropriately place human on appropriate future careers,” he stated.