Damaras prepare for cultural festival

01 Nov 2016 16:50pm
WINDHOEK, 01 NOV (NAMPA) - The annual Damara Traditional and Cultural Festival will take place at Okombahe from Thursday to Sunday.
The village is situated 70 kilometres from Omaruru.
The festival celebrates the Damara (also known as ǂNukhoen) traditional and cultural rituals, practices, food, songs, dance and music.
The occasion is also used to pay homage to their fallen leaders and current and past heroes by informing the younger generation of their history.
A media statement issued by the king of the Damaras, Justus Garoëb, said the Damara King's Council (the clan’s highest decision-making body) has appointed a sub-committee to coordinate the 2016 festival.
The event is expected to attract over 10 000 people, including senior government officials, leaders from other tribes and invited guests from all walks of life from across the country and beyond.
“All the chiefs, headmen/women and the sons and women of the ǂNukhoen are invited to the People’s Assembly,” Garoëb said in the statement.
He further said the Damara Cultural Festival serves as an education and information platform on ǂNūkhoen tradition and cultural practices, rituals, eatery, songs, dancing and arts.
Garoëb also said the Damaras’ supreme law governing 34 sub-tribes (of which only six are currently recognised by the government through the Traditional Authorities Act) scattered in and around Namibia will be revised and adopted by the King’s Council on 04 November, along with the ǂNukhoen Trust Fund.