More 'struggle kids' to join trip to Angola

30 Oct 2016 10:40am
OSHAKATI, 30 OCT (NAMPA) – The group of “struggle kids” currently camping at the Swapo office at the Okandjengedi settlement in the Oshana Region have also decided to go to Angola.
Speaking to Nampa on Saturday, one of the group’s spokespersons Willem Jonas stated that they will also be turning in their Namibian identification before returning to Angola.
This comes after the group at the Ndilimani Cultural Troupe farm north of Windhoek, made the decision to return their Namibian IDs to the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration and go to Angola earlier in the week.
The group of about 375 youth was expected to hand over their legal documents consisting of IDs, passports and Certificates of Registration for Citizenship by Descent to the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration on Friday.
“We were under the impression that the government would provide us with jobs, but ended up providing training instead, even though not everyone was happy about the training, we at Okandjengedi still embraced the initiative but are still here with no clarity on whether we would still get the opportunity or not,” the group said.
They said they are going to wait for the group in Windhoek to decide on when to leave.
“We can meet up and do the journey together. We are going back to Angola because the Namibian government is still not answering our pleas and it is as if we are not considered part of the Namibian nation,” Jonas added.
The group of about 70 ‘struggle kids’ also recently accused a government official of abusing his position to practice favouritism.
Asked how they intend to travel to Angola, Jonas said “Angola is not that far and if we do not get transport, we will just walk. We have decided to cooperate with the group at Ndilimani from now on and if they do not come get us from here and take us to the same training programmes they have taken our fellows, we will take similar actions.”
Meanwhile, a small group of about 15 members who were born in Namibia stressed that even though their parents’ tombstones are in Angola, they do not intend on going to Angola as they feel it is pointless.