Ekandjo takes bull by the horns at sports awards

October 29, 2016, 2:42pm




MTC Namibia Chief Human Capital Manager Tim Ekandjo grabbed the bull by its horns to confront the cancer of racism that has once in a while raised its ugly head in the Namibian sports fraternity in the past few months.

Shamelessly racism has been reported in Rugby and Cricket in the past few months and somewhat has seen many people wondering as to the best solution to curtail it as there was never a moment administrators or politicians linked to the sports fraternity confronted the elephant in the room.

Perhaps other than the sports awards being a major success for sportsman with a disability the most memorable part of this year’s event is when Ekandjo was bold enough to speak about an issue many would rather avoid and sweep under the carpet.

Who would want to forget the exploits of Ananias Shikongo at the Friday night event, but it took a bold Ekandjo to publicly speak about an issue that saw many who were supposed to deal with the problem either responding in deafening silence or simply nodded.

“Ekandjo said, “Racism, sexism or any sort of discrimination in sport is shameless.”

He said there is every need for the sporting fraternity to embrace that the country is one that embraces differences and should purely be blind of race or creed when dealing with sports. “I stand here representing all the fallen heroes who dedicated their lives to create a society of equality where people view each other as equals.