Omaruru residents object against 75 plots to WHK developer

26 Oct 2016 07:30am
By Dirck Kuzatjike
WINDHOEK, 26 OCT (NAMPA) – A Public Private Partnership (PPP) between the Omaruru Municipality and Ndakalimwe Investments has come under fire from local contractors and residents, with many saying the contractor received preferential treatment.
The notice calling for objections to the sale of 82 erven recently appeared in at least two national dailies. Of the total, 75 were awarded to Ndakalimwe, a Windhoek-based company, by way of private treaty.
By the deadline of 21 October 2016, 36 objections were made of which 20 were lodged by individuals and 16 by groups collectively signed by 296 concerned residents.
“While the community needs land the municipality has been telling us the whole time there are no erven available,” said Betheul Musambani, a local businessman.
He said the loans of the targeted beneficiaries can easily cover the costs of any other local contractor of their choice if only they are given the option to buy the erven themselves.
“We should kick out this middleman mentality. This hand-picked company is only here to make fast profit and take money from Omaruru at the expense of our own capable local contractors,” said Barminus Rusberg, another local entrepreneur.
Musambani and Rusberg said over 200 concerned residents will on Thursday demonstrate against the allocation of erven to Ndakalimwe.
Ndakalimwe Investment CC owner Joe Ndefendiwa said he submitted a proposal last year and did a presentation in February this year.
“Since there are objections let’s hear what the line minister has to say,” Ndefendiwa told Nampa Tuesday.
He said he has a good track record from work done at Okahandja.
If the sale proceeds, Ndakalimwe will be given a list of 93 applicants with pre-approved bank loans from which it can source its clients.