'Demon attack' girl allegedly brings up wood

03 Oct 2013 23:40
TSES, 04 OCT (NAMPA) – A Grade 10 learner at the St Theresa Junior Secondary School who suffered attacks earlier this week which have since been labelled 'demonic attacks', says she has brought up pieces of wood.
The 16-year-old girl is one of 20 girls and boys who started screaming, vomiting, crying and shouting random names on Sunday and Monday at Tses.
This village is situated some 80 kilometres north of Keetmanshoop in the //Karas Region.
The Namibian Police Force (NamPol)’s Crime Investigations’ Coordinator for the //Karas Region, Rudolf Isaak told Nampa on Thursday that he has requested that a sample of the girl’s vomit be sent to Windhoek for forensic tests.
Isaak said he gave the order after the girl’s mother informed him that her daughter had brought up pieces of wood.
“It will be tested to determine whether the objects are indeed wood. If it is, then we need to understand how it ended up in the vomit, like whether she might have eaten it with food, or whether it just happened to be in her system,” the top policeman explained.
Meanwhile, one of the school’s learners related her own experiences to this news agency on Wednesday.
The 16-year-old Grade Eight learner said during the ‘demon attack’ on Sunday, she saw strange humans attacking her with sharp objects, which caused her to scream and run away.
“I was shouting the name of our hostel matron, and crying at the same time. Other learners were fighting the imagined attackers, and some started vomiting,” she explained, adding that about four learners vomitted.
The girl said when they were taken to the clinic, the nurses, however, claimed that they could not see anything wrong with any of them.
Her mother, who accompanied her to this news agency’s office, said she felt sad that children have to go through such things at a school.
“I was really shocked and could not sleep that day, but at least now she is well,” said the mother, who requested anonymity.
Contacted for an update on the matter, Namib Circuit Education Inspector Cassius Shanyengange said all the affected learners are well, and are expected to return to school on Monday after they were taken home.
Although the St Theresa Junior Secondary School falls under the Kalahari Circuit led by Education Inspector Petrus Titus, Shanyengange was assigned to report on the incident as Titus is on leave.
He noted that five of the affected learners are Grade 10 students, while the rest are in Grades Eight and Nine.
Shanyengange further stated that as from Sunday, priests have been holding prayers with the learners. They were also given counselling.
“It is very funny that such things pitch up at the time when our children are writing exams. One also wonders if this has anything to do with examination stress. We will make every effort to prepare them for examinations again,” he added.