Water shortage at Okangwati affects school performance

24 Oct 2016 14:40pm
OKANGWATI, 24 OCT (NAMPA) – Okangwati residents have been struggling with a lack of potable water for the past 30 years and are forced to consume dirty water from a well.
The only borehole in the area contains salty water, unfit for humans and animals.
The shortage of water at Okangwati is affecting the education of learners at the Okangwati Combined School, said principal Joshua Shikongo on Friday.
Shikongo told this agency that the water shortage is not only a health risk for teachers and learners, but even leads to other problems such as teenage pregnancies.
He said learners get involved in “immoral” acts when they are released to go get water elsewhere.
“We sometimes are left with no option but to send the learners out to answer the call of nature or to fetch water to bath and drink, and some learners end up doing wrong things,” he said.
Robby Tjambiru, a teacher at the school, told Nampa the bad smell from blocked toilets affects the concentration of teachers and learners.
The school's water tank is connected to the borehole but due to the fact that the water level has gone down, there is not enough pressure to fill the tank.
In an earlier interview with Nampa, Chief Administrative Officer at the Epupa Constituency, Tjimutambo Kuuoko said the shortage of water also affects development in the constituency’s capital.
He said the regional council has resolved to get water from Ohamaremba to Okangwati to ease the water problem.
Kuuoko said they have received funding for the drilling of another borehole at Ohamaremba and are still waiting for council to make money available to get the water to Okangwati.
The drilling has not yet started but Kuuoko said there were people at Ohamaremba recently to check where to drill.