Okahandja local authority case referred to Swapo Politburo

03 Oct 2013 12:40
OTJIWARONGO, 03 OCT (NAMPA) – The matter involving the Swapo-Party’s local authority councillors serving in the Okahandja Town Council, has been referred to the party’s Politburo for a decision.
The party’s Okahandja district executive committee last week demanded that the four Swapo-Party local authority councillors serving on the Okahandja Town Council be replaced.
The Swapo-Party local authority councillors serving in the town council are Valerie Aron as chairperson of the Okahandja management committee, Mayor David !Uri-Khob and his deputy Paulina Kuyandeka, and Samson Mieze.
Last month, Aron and two other management committee members – Mieze and Andreas Bezuidenhoudt – were ousted from their positions in a vote of no confidence during a meeting.
The vote of no confidence motion was allegedly tabled by !Uri-Khob and seconded by Kuyandeka.
The district executive committee last week wrote a letter to the party’s Otjozondjupa regional executive, requesting it to withdraw the four local authority councillors.
The regional executive committee on Thursday held an extra-ordinary meeting in Otjiwarongo, where it was decided that the Politburo should decide on the next step with regard to the councillors.
Shortly after the extra-ordinary meeting here on Thursday, the party’s Otjozondjupa regional co-ordinator Susan Hikopua told Nampa in an interview it was agreed that the Politburo should deal with the matter.
“All we could do was draft a few recommendations to the Politburo on the case and it is up to them to make a final decision on what should be done to the local authority councillors in Okahandja. That is the procedure,” Hikopua said.
She refused to discuss the details of the recommendations they made to the Swapo-Party Politburo.
The Okahandja Town Council is managed by seven local authority councillors from different political parties; with Aron, !Uri-Khob, Kuyandeka and Mieze representing Swapo.
The three other councillors are Fredrick Shimanda from the United Democratic Front (UDF); Bezuidenhoudt who is from the United People’s Movement (UPM) and Esther Garoes from the Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP).
The letter written by the district executive committee said it had on 20 September 2013 in a meeting decided to recall its four local authority councillors based on several worrisome issues happening in the Okahandja Town Council.
The letter expressed the committee’s concern that the Swapo-Party local authority councillors failed to work with dedication and commitment.
“The four Swapo-Party local authority councillors did not set any exemplary conduct or act in the spirit of comradeship with each other while serving the town council,” the letter stated.
It further accused the four councillors of having collaborated with opposition party councillors at the municipality of Okahandja.
The removal of the three councillors followed several allegations against Aron, which included her allegedly building a double-storey private house on public land before the property was rezoned.
There were also allegations that she had received a discount on the price of the property, and that the title deed is being disputed.
Bezuidenhoudt is said to have built Aron's house, while Mieze's extra earnings have raised serious questions.
The four councillors are also blamed in the letter of failing to show sincerity and honesty to their district executive committee on crucial matters which were unfolding at the municipality of Okahandja.
The letter, signed by committee member Patrick Xoagub, states that the disunity amongst the councillors paints a bad image of the party.