Ngatjizeko urges Namibians to consume local products

21 Oct 2016 12:40pm
WINDHOEK, 21 OCT (NAMPA) - Minister of Industrialisation, Trade and SME Development Immanuel Ngatjizeko has urged Namibians to use locally produced products and services in order to grow the manufacturing sector.
“This will translate to industrialisation and value addition of local raw materials and a prosperous economy as envisaged in our Vision 2030 document,” he said.
Ngatjizeko made the appeal in a statement read on his behalf at the Namibian Manufacturers Association (NMA) awards in the capital on Thursday.
The minister said Namibia is striving to become an industrialised economy by the year 2030 and to achieve this target the country must improve delivery rates in terms of policy implementation significantly.
He further noted that the country remains an economy which largely produces what it does not consume, and consumes what it does not produce.
“In order to effectively address the specific challenge with respect to our supply-side weaknesses, we need increased private sector investment flows, both foreign and domestic, to boost our capacity to produce more efficiently and competitively and for both our own consumption and export.
“Such investments must be accompanied by the introduction and transfer of appropriate production technologies and technical know-how,” Ngatjizeko said.
He went on to say the revised Foreign Investment Act No. 27 of 1990, now known as the Namibia Investment Promotion Act of 2016, contains provisions which consider the welfare of locals by emphasising capacity development and the transfer of skills for investors who are willing to invest in Namibia.
The Namibian Retail Sector Charter, launched in March 2016, aims to transform the retail sector from one that relies predominantly on foreign imports, to one that gives preference to local manufacturers by promoting sourcing of locally produced products by retailers.
Ngatjizeko also said the government aims to support local businesses in securing retail space at home, so as to increase the visibility of their products through the promotion, marketing and distribution of such products.
The Namibian Manufacturers Association (NMA) represents Namibian manufacturers by facilitating a sustainable, competitive and prosperous manufacturing industry for all stakeholders.
The Manufacturer of the Year awards recognise Namibian manufacturers who go the extra mile to manufacture and deliver superior products, goods and services, and to create a platform for members to showcase their products.