Police Constable Accused Of Rape Granted Bail

23 May 2013 13:54

OTJIWARONGO, 23 MAY (NAMPA) - A 32-year-old police constable who is accused of raping a 17-year-old girl at the Osire Refugee Camp Police Station in March this year, was granted bail in the Otjiwarongo Magistrate?s Court on Thursday.
Otjiwarongo Magistrate Theofelus Mayumbelo presided over the case, while Prosecutor Lewis Chigunwe represented the State.
According to the Namibian Police Force (NamPol)?s Otjozondjupa Regional Crime Investigations? Co-ordinator, Deputy Commissioner Moses Khairabeb, the accused, Andreas Eino Lumwayi, was granted bail of N.dollars 3 000 on Thursday.
His case was then postponed to 20 June 2013 for further police investigations.
The accused constable engaged his own private lawyers, Kruger van Vuuren and Co Law Firm based in Windhoek.
Lumwayi was released on bail with conditions that he does not come in contact with the complainant, and secondly, to always inform the investigating officer when leaving the Osire Refugee Camp Police Station where he works.
Khairabeb said it is alleged that the accused had raped a 17-year-old out-of-school girl on 28 February this year at the Osire Refugee Camp Police Station barracks.
The Osire Refugee Camp Police Station is situated more than 100 kilometres south of Otjiwarongo in the Otjozondjupa Region.
He said the girl travelled there to visit her sister who is a police officer at the same station.
Khairabeb said Lumwayi allegedly lured the girl into his room at the police barracks, and inside the room, forced the girl onto bed, forcefully removed her clothes and raped her.
The accused police officer was arrested on Saturday, 02 March 2013.
Lumwayi was transferred to the Otjiwarongo Police Station and later to the Outjo Police Holding cells, where he was detained until he posted bail on Thursday.
Khairabeb said the accused will also face a disciplinary hearing to determine whether he should be suspended from the police force or not due to the seriousness of the allegation leveled against him.