Otjomuise Fire Station officially inaugurated

03 Oct 2013 10:30
WINDHOEK, 03 OCT (NAMPA) – Windhoek Mayor Agnes Kafula officially inaugurated the Otjomuise Fire Station here on Thursday.
The fire station will complement the existing headquarters of the fire brigade, the Diaz Fire Station, and the Nathanael Maxuilili Fire Station in the capital.
Kafula said the project is one of the city's many efforts to bring services closer to the people.
“We all know failure to provide appropriate, timely and well-organised responses to the wide variety of emergencies that occur in the city has life-threatening or deadly consequences,” she said.
She explained that in response to the ever-increasing fire and emergency risks, the City carried out an emergency risk assessment in 2004 which found that Windhoek needed at least three additional fire stations at strategically located sites. The Otjomuise site was prioritised based on the high level of vulnerability, high risk and distance from the existing fire fighting facilities.
“I must indicate here that this new fire station is strategically located at the centre of the extended landmass of Sam Nujoma Drive, the Otjomuise Road up to Monte Christo Road, and the Western Bypass. The locality of the station will provide quick and easy access to many areas, thus improving emergency response time to accidents which occur on these roads,” the mayor stated.
She also pointed out that the Otjomuise Fire Station will bring about better service delivery in terms of emergency response for residents, and will improve emergency response capability, with response times being reduced from the current approximately 10 minutes from the headquarters, to as little as five minutes.
Kafula furthermore said the City of Windhoek is planning on building two more fire stations – one in Olympia and one in Klein Windhoek - as part of its five-year integrated business plan.
“Unfortunately, due to a lack of adequate financial resources, we may not be able to build facilities at all corners of the city at this time,” she said.
She went on to say their success not only lies in innovation and building capability, but also in nurturing relationships and partnerships with the community of Windhoek.
“The City of Windhoek will continue to work as a cohesive unit and collaborate with the key stakeholders in the public and private sectors to ensure that a safe and secure environment is created for our residents,” she stressed.