Sports awards nominees announced

19 Oct 2016 17:20pm
WINDHOEK, 19 OCT (NAMPA) - The Namibia Sports Commission (NSC) on Wednesday announced the nominees for the 2016 Namibia Sports Awards.
The awards are given annually to recognise athletes for their outstanding achievements throughout the year.
A total of 12 categories will be awarded on 28 October at a local hotel in the capital.
This year, the developmental programme, volunteer and administrator of the year awards were excluded from the ceremony because most entries did not meet the required standards.
In 2015, boxer Paulus Ambunda and athlete Ruben Gowaseb shared the Sport Achiever of the Year award, while Equestrian Michelle Kunzle took home the Sportswoman of the Year trophy. Ambunda was also crowned Sportsman of the Year and Gowaseb Disability Sportsman of the Year.

The nominees:
1. Michael Hamukwaya – Namibia Paralympic Committee (NNPC)
2. Tobias Hiskia - Athletics
3. Rodger Thompson - Rugby
Junior Sportsman
1. Delano Muller - Hockey
2. Herbet Wolfgang Peters - Cycling
3. Burger Rowan - Karate
Junior Sportsman with Disability
1. Abraham Hafenanye (won last year)
2. Mateus Kambundu (also nominated last year)
3. Alfred Meno Albertu
Junior Sportswoman
1. Dunell van Taak - Hockey
2. Cassandra Knouwds - Karate
3. Mayvonne Swart - Karate
Junior Sportswoman with Disability
1. Lahja Omangano Ishitile (won last year)
2. Caitlin Botha (also nominated last year)
3. Kertu Namutenya Kapweya
Sportsman of the Year
1. Paulus Ambunda – Boxing (won last year)
2. Rudolph De Wet Moolman - Karate
3. Mynhardt Mbeumuna Kaunivi – Athletics
Sportsman with Disability
1. Ananias Shikongo (also nominated last year)
2. Johannes Nambala
3. Ruben Soroseb (also nominated last year)
Sportswoman with Disability
1. Johanna Benson (won last year)
2. Rosa Mandjoro
1. Vera Adrian - Cycling
2. Gaby Ahrens – Shooting (also nominated last year)
3. Beata Naigambo - Athletics
1. Senior national rugby team (also nominated last year)
2. Senior Women - Hockey
3. 4x100 Namibia Relay Team - NNPC
Umpire/Referee of the year
1. Jackson Pavaza – Namibia Football Association (NFA)
2. Berthold Karumendu – Athletics (also nominated last year)
3. Daniel Stephanus Koen – Rugby
Most Improved Sportsperson
1. Johannes Nambala - NNPC
2. Mathias Hamunyela - Boxing Federation (also nominated last year)