Rundu Rainbow Village opens for residents

03 Oct 2013 08:20
RUNDU, 03 OCT (NAMPA) – The owners of residences in the newly-established residential area at Rundu known as ‘Rundu Rainbow Village’, began moving into their new homes on Monday.
The residents, most of whom were previously forced to rent accommodation due to the housing shortage at this north-eastern town, started moving into 53 houses built by Chinese investor Stina Wu, who owns Chan Close Corporation Construction Company.
Some of the homeowners Nampa spoke to were excited about being first-time homeowners, and also expressed their gratitude to the businesswoman for responding to the town’s cries of a housing backlog.
“We commend our Chinese friends because they are really doing a lot in meeting Government
halfway, especially with regards to providing shelter to citizens,” Sipipa Haingura, one of the new homeowners, said.
Wu said on Thursday the new extension is expected to be officially inaugurated later this month, with the exact date to be communicated at a later stage.
The 53 houses form Phase One of a project which will eventually see 250 houses constructed.
Wu bought the 3 517 square metres of land where the houses are being built from the Rundu Town Council at a cost of N.dollars 5 per square metre, because the land was not serviced.
The council has already signed a deed of sale for the land.
The first phase of the project includes two-, three-, and four-bedroom houses, ranging from N.dollars 380 000 to N.dollars 610 000.
During the inauguration, one house will be donated to the Rundu Town Council to accommodate a staff member of their choice.
During the official inauguration, Wu will also hand over water, sewerage and electricity infrastructure to be under the control of the town council.
She indicated that once the second phase of the project is completed sometime next February, she will donate a kindergarten building to the community.
In future, Rundu Rainbow Village will also include a shopping complex and a playground.
Meanwhile, Wu earlier rubbished claims that the houses were built with cheap material imported from China, stressing that the only things imported from China were the materials used for the ceilings, and tiles.
“I am serious about developing the town, and I did not even make a profit from the first phase because I needed to develop the area first,” she said.
Wu also constructed the multi-million-dollar Galaxy Shopping Mall at Rundu, which accommodates 55 small shops.