Standard Bank on phasing out of petrol card

03 Oct 2013 07:00


Following an earlier announcement by the Bank of Namibia that all financial institutions will no longer be allowed to accept petrol cards as legal tender for fuel purchases, spare parts or repairs as from 28 February 2014, Standard Bank Namibia has found a new way of keep its clientele satisfied.

The bank is informing its customers that they can however still pay cash or use their Standard Bank credit/debit cards or even their fleet card when fuelling up or having their cars serviced.  

“Customers can apply for a credit or debit card from Standard Bank Namibia and use that to purchase fuel as from the end of February next year. A credit card is quite versatile in the sense that it is a universal card recognised and used internationally. It can be used anywhere in the world,” says Deborah Henckert Standard Bank Namibia’s Manager for Unsecured Lending, Credit Card Issuing & Market Development.

She adds that a credit card can also be linked to the current account making access to one’s finances even more accessible and convenient. 

“With a Standard Bank credit card there is no need to carry cash or chequebook and by charging all your purchases to your credit, you only have one statement to manage. It is perfect for your day-to-day transacting and is used wisely this could be your most effective financial management tool,” explains Henckert.

The card is also ideal for travelling as over 30 million merchants accept it worldwide and at all MasterCard and Cirrus ATMS.

Additional benefits of a credit card also include no transaction fees, free basic travel insurance, free card replacement locally and internationally, customers can make free cash deposits, receive free balance enquiries at ATMs, free over-the-counter provisional statements and also obtain up to 55 days interest-free credit.     

The bank says the phasing out of petrol/garage cards usage in Namibia does not currently have an effect on the Fleet Management Cards of Standard Bank Namibia.