Struggle Kid With Baby Returns To Swapo Office

23 May 2013 13:54

WINDHOEK, 23 MAY (NAMPA) - A female ?struggle kid? on Thursday defied a court order by returning to the same place opposite the Swapo-Party headquarters where she and others were arrested last month for trespassing and contempt of court.
Lesiana Ndemukumwifa, 33, returned to the area with her one-year-old son soon after she was released from the Katututa Police Station in the morning hours of Thursday.
She was part of a group of disgruntled ?children of the liberation struggle? numbering 185 who was arrested and charged with trespassing and contempt of court after they failed to comply with a court interdict which was issued by the Windhoek High Court prohibiting them not to occupy any place or area within the boundaries of the Windhoek Municipality.
The bail for the 'struggle kids' was this week reduced from N.dollars 500 to N.dollars 200 in the Katutura Magistrate's Court.
Some of the youth posted the N.dollars 500 bail, while the court released the young lactating mothers and one deaf man.
In an interview with Nampa at the site, Ndemukumwifa said she returned to the area upon her release from the police station because she has nowhere else to go.
She is part of the group of ?struggle kids? who walked to Windhoek from the Omusati Region, hoping to secure employment from Government.
Ndekumukumwifa was found crying hysterically while seated in the sun with her son near the Swapo headquarters.
?Some of my other colleagues who were also released with me have gone to stay with families here in Windhoek. I don?t have family where I could go and stay, and don?t know anyone here, thus this is why I have returned to this same place,? she told Nampa on Thursday afternoon.
Ndekumukumwifa told this agency that she and her son had nothing to eat for the entire day, adding that she was hoping to put up camp there and stay there for the night.
Unfortunately, her hopes to set up camp there were dashed when police officers arrived asking her to leave the area.
The officers advised her to rather go back to the station from where she was released, and speak to the officers there for her to stay there.
Ndemukumwifa said she left her four other children with strangers in the Omusati Region, and has nowhere to go with her son here in Windhoek.
She is just looking for someone to help her, and perhaps get a job as well.