Teachers must consider the consequences of their actions

14 Oct 2016 13:50pm
SCHLIP, 14 OCT (NAMPA) - Hardap Governor, Esme Isaacks on Thursday said Government is aware of the plight of teachers but called on them to consider the consequences of their actions.
Teachers countrywide started striking on Thursday. They are demanding an eight per cent salary increase but the government is offering only five per cent.
Speaking at the commissioning of radio and television transmission services at Schlip village, Isaacks said while the government is doing all it can to address the issue, “teachers must take the plight of the Namibian child into serious consideration”.
“While on strike, please consider the consequences of your actions. Understand the position of Government. We are facing so many challenges like drought for example, which also need urgent attention.”
She called on teachers to give the government time to sort out some of these issues, as the economy of the country is facing immense pressure.
“As a former teacher, I am with you teachers but let’s understand the circumstances that we are currently facing. I also want to thank the teachers who are currently doing their duty,” she said.
Frederick Mouton, the principal of Pionier Junior Primary School said circumstances forced them to strike.
“Most teachers and students were at school today, but we had to send them home because we received a message from the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture that lessons are suspended.”
Mouton said he feels sorry for the learners who are writing examinations, as he knows the amount of time and effort they had put into preparing for the examinations.
“The Grade 10 and 12 learners are in an awkward position, they prepared for exams but now they cannot write them. Who knows if they will have another chance to write?”
John Tron, the principal of Schlip Primary School, said they also had to send their learners home after receiving the same message from the ministry.
“Some of the learners got the message over the radio while others did not, but they all came so we followed the instruction and sent them home.”
Schlip, a settlement of about1 500 inhabitants, is situated about 90 kilometres southwest of Rehoboth. It has three schools; two primary schools and one secondary school. These schools are attended by almost 600 learners from the settlement.