RTC disconnects water to schools in Rundu

12 Oct 2016 16:00pm
RUNDU, 12 OCT (NAMPA) – Water supply to all 29 schools in Rundu was disconnected by the Rundu Town Council on Monday for a debt of N.dollars 1.9 million.
The schools are among the many defaulters that owe the council N.dollars 43 million which in turn is owed to the Namibia Water Corporation (NamWater).
The acting Chief Executive Officer of the council, Herman Haingura confirmed that water to the schools had been disconnected and they are now making arrangements with the Kavango East Directorate of Education for this debt to be paid in instalments.
Deputy Director of Education in Kavango East, Fanuel Kapapero also confirmed the disconnections, stating that the regional office has asked the head office to transfer the outstanding N.dollars 1.9 million on Wednesday.
“Our account has been outstanding because the Rundu Town Council does not provide us with invoices on time,” he explained.
He said the situation is particularly bad for schools with hostels, some of which accommodate disabled children.
“It was not necessary to disconnect water to some of these schools, particularly those with hostels,” Kapapero said.
The hostel learners have been released and told to go home.
Many schools also sent learners home by 10h00 on Wednesday.
The Rundu Town Council is under pressure as it has not been honouring its water repayment agreement with NamWater.
The town council owes N.dollars 43 million in overdue account payments to NamWater.
Haingura said all defaulters’ water has been cut. The council was planning on disconnecting the supply to government offices on Wednesday.
A letter seen by Nampa from the NamWater’s Debt Collection Manager Wilma Husselmann to the council on Tuesday reminded the town council of the conditions stipulated in their repayment agreement.
“We had similar agreements in the past which had not been honoured. It was agreed that we should monitor the repayment agreement very closely. I had to phone on several occasions and also do e-mail follow-ups to ensure that the payments remain up to date,” Husselmann said.
The letter indicated that the two parties agreed that the town council would as from June settle its monthly account and pay an additional N.dollars 500 000 to reduce the arrears.
This agreement is due for review in November.