CORRECTION: Notorious Zambezi criminal rearrested

11 Oct 2016 15:30pm
ATTENTION – CORRECTION: Changes intro – the Divundu Rehabilitation Centre is situated in the Kavango East Region and not the Zambezi Region

KATIMA MULILO, 11 OCT (NAMPA) - A notorious criminal and serial escapee was rearrested on Tuesday - just hours after escaping from police custody at the Divundu Rehabilitation Centre in the Kavango East Region.
The 27-year-old Naini ‘Nine’ Masule, who made his third escape from the prison cells Monday evening, was Tuesday rearrested in the Mushangara area near the Namibia-Angola border-post in the Kavango East Region.
Masule is serving a two-year sentence at the rehabilitation centre for escaping from lawful custody in October 2015. He was sentenced at the Katima Mulilo Magistrate’s Court in April this year.
He is also awaiting trial on two counts of rape, three house-breaking cases, and two counts of murder, amongst others.
On Tuesday, NamPol’s Regional Head of Operations, Deputy Commissioner Robert Sanjahi told Nampa Masule was apprehended before he could cross over into Angola.
Sanjahi said he managed to escape after breaking the lock of the cell he was temporary placed in after he had been involved in a fist fight with another inmate earlier in the day.
“He fought with another inmate so the prison wardens separated them. They placed Masule in a different cell on his own. He managed to find an iron bar which he used to break the lock. But his freedom was short-lived as he is now back in custody,” the deputy commissioner said.
Sanjahi does not know where Masule got the iron bar from, but added that they do not suspect that he got help from someone inside the centre.
He explained that Masule will be charged with another case of escaping from lawful custody but will appear before the Rundu Magistrate’s Court as he was rearrested in the Kavango East Region.
He is also likely to face a charge of assaulting a fellow inmate, but only if that inmate opens a case with the police for them to investigate what happened.
“He is being held at the rehabilitation centre and not maximum security prison because he is serving a light sentence. He will be moved to a maximum security prison after sentencing on the murder and rape charges he is arraigned for before the Katima Court,” said Sanjahi.
Masule was nabbed at the border town of Sesheke in Zambia in April this year after having been on the run for six months following his escape from the Katima Mulilo Police Station in October 2015.
While the Zambian police were on their way to arrest Masule, community members attacked him. He suffered a broken elbow and deep lacerations to his head, hands and lips.
It allegedly took over 12 police officers to calm and handcuff him as he resisted arrest.