BW offers 0% deposit on home loans

02 Oct 2013 10:00

Bank Windhoek is offering its clients a lifetime chance with a home loan deal at 100% financing for residential property loans from N$500 000 up to N$1.5m.
Potential house buyers will not be required to pay a deposit at the bank.
“Bank Windhoek has been in the business of financing property for over 30 years and understands that first-time home loan applicants do not always have the required deposit to make a big investment, such as a house. The 100% financing option will therefore make it easier for first-time home loan applicants to buy their first house and enter the property market as an owner”, Job Mouton, the Branch Manager of the Property Finance branch at Bank Windhoek said.
This opportunity is available to both old and new clients, where the client’s primary bank account is held with Bank Windhoek and is subject to the client’s ability to afford the repayment of the loan.  
This exciting offer is only valid when it is the primary residence of the applicant and 100% financing of the purchase price or valuation, whichever is the lowest, is applicable.
Bank Windhoek clients would have to contact the Property Finance branch for the terms and conditions as well as further information on the deal.