APP takes Rundu Town Coucil to task

07 Oct 2016 12:10pm
By Sawi Lutibezi
RUNDU, 07 OCT (NAMPA) – The All People’s Party (APP) has threatened legal action against the Rundu Town Council if it does not account for funds earmarked for mini sports complexes.
Marcelius Haivera, the party’s acting regional chairperson in the Kavango East Region, gave the council one month to explain what happened to the money for the sports fields.
“There is nothing happening on the land earmarked for these sports fields. I know this because I have been there. It is situations like this that delay development in our region,” he told Nampa on Tuesday.
Some Euro 12 000 (about N.dollars 186 000 now) was donated by the Nieuwegein Municipality in The Netherlands in 2013 for the development of sports complexes at the Kaisosi and Kasote informal settlements.
The two town councils entered into a twinning relationship in 1994, which focuses primarily on strengthening local government in the fields of waste management, financial management and HIV/AIDS prevention.
In September last year, Erf 1311 in Kaisosi was hastily cleared due to a pending visit by Nieuwegein Municipality representatives, after it came to light that the donors requested the Namibians to provide proof that the land was zoned and reserved for the purpose it was cleared for.
Three representatives from that municipality who have been visiting Rundu for the past two weeks, told Nampa Tuesday that since the money was donated they have not seen pictures of the design of the fields or how far progress is.
“We pumped in a lot of money into these projects...The Chief Executive Officer of Rundu Town Council Romanus Haironga told us he would directly send his report on the sports fields to the Alderman of the Municipality of Nieuwegein Peter Snoeren,” the representatives said.
Erf 1311 measures approximately 26 372 square metres.
At Kasote, however, a dispute erupted over the land earmarked for the project last year between the council and a resident claiming ownership of the land. Council then decided to look for another piece of land in the same area.
In response, Haironga told Nampa the money is still there.
“We just want to do the design of it first to know how much the sport fields will cost. On how far the programme is, I do not know as I did not consult with the technical department as yet,” he said.
Haironga added that the funds allocated for the sports fields was not enough and the agreement stated that council had to add a certain amount to realise the creation of these sport fields.