Zambian woman remanded in custody for murder of baby

06 Oct 2016 16:10pm
KATIMA MULILO, 06 OCT (NAMPA) - Police investigations of a case in which a Zambian woman stands accused of murdering her new-born baby here in August, have been finalised.
This was confirmed in the Katima Mulilo Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday when 25-year-old Sibeso Memory Kelezo appeared before Magistrate Vincent Nzaca on charges of murder and birth concealment.
The case was then postponed to 27 October to allow Kelezo to obtain legal aid representation.
Kelezo, who is mother to a four-year-old girl, is accused of allegedly suffocating her baby girl by burying her in a shallow hole under a tree in the nearby bushes of her home which she shares with her sister at the Cowboy settlement.
Kelezo’s crime was unearthed after she sought medical attention at the hospital, where it was discovered that she had given birth. When questioned by nurses, Kelezo continuously denied having given birth. This prompted medical staff to bring the matter to the Namibian Police, to whom she later confessed before leading a team of investigators to where the baby was buried.
The baby girl was exhumed in Kelezo's presence. Her mouth was filled with sand and her eyes were partially shut.
She weighed 3.5 kilogrammes.
Kelezo confessed that she delivered the baby but did not state where.
She is married and her husband lives in Zambia.