Germany, Namibia toasts to 26 years of bilateral relations

05 Oct 2016 16:00pm
WINDHOEK, 05 OCT (NAMPA) – Namibia and Germany on Tuesday celebrated existing bilateral relations, and have committed to further improve such relations as the two countries mark German Unity Day here.
The day marks the anniversary of German reunification that took place on 03 October 1990 when the goal of a united Germany was achieved.
German Ambassador to Namibia Christian Schlage, who hosted the celebration at his residence, noted that the 26 years since Germany’s reunification and Namibia’s independence in March 1990 were marked by ever-growing intensity of their bilateral relations, and the prospects for further improvement are promising.
“We need to see and except our common history if we want to have a sound basis for a positive common future, and this is exactly what drives both governments to move forward with our government to government negotiations to prepare for further improved future relations without ignoring the past,” he said.
Schlage added that while the bilateral talks are continuing and progressing, many other promoters of the positive development of the German-Namibia relations are not idle.
“Together with our Namibian partners we continue to implement projects that focus on improving vital infrastructure like roads, electricity, water, land reform, management to increase productivity of farms in the northern part of Namibia, as well as a cross sector approach to contribute to the empowerment of young people through education by investing in schools, vocational training and universities,” he said.
Speaking at the same occasion, Deputy Minister of International Relations and Cooperation Peya Mushelenga acknowledged the 26 years of bilateral relations between the two countries.
“We in Namibia believe that we will continue to engage our partners for the mutual benefit of the relations of the two sister republics. We will continue as equal partners the win-win solutions in all our endeavours that our two countries seek to achieve,” he stated.
The event was attended by, among others, Namibian scholars, German volunteers and members of the diplomatic corps.