UPDATE: Gibeon residents demonstrate against CEO

04 Oct 2016 18:20pm
GIBEON, 04 OCT (NAMPA) – Approximately 100 community members of the Gibeon Village in the Hardap Region took to the streets Tuesday to protest against alleged poor service delivery and corruption at the village council.
“We, the residents of Gibeon, are tired of the poor service delivery we endure year in year out and tender irregularities, where tenders are approved without the approval of the local tender board committee and without the knowledge of the councillors.
“Due to poor governance by the CEO we are suffering in this village,” charged an irate resident Collin Cupido, who led the protestors.
They also demanded the immediate suspension of village Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Desiree Theunissen, whom they accused of repeated absenteeism.
Cupido said confusion was created with the last tender of the tarred road - it was put on hold for a certain period, but unfortunately local companies were not informed or notified of the go-ahead.
“It came to light the decisions were only made by the CEO whilst the tender board and the local council were totally ignored. If lying is not enough, the CEO instructed people during the meeting to proceed with the site visits.
“The same tender of the tarred road we were told is on hold. It shows pure rudeness, disrespect and arrogance from the CEO towards the councillors and residents of Gibeon,” Cupido fumed.
The community members said in the petition the conduct of the CEO is an indication of poor governance and can’t be tolerated any longer.
“We demand for the CEO to be investigated,” Cupido read from the petition.
Among the grievances in the petition are unpaid water bills which led to the water supply being cut off by NamWater on Monday morning due to an outstanding debt of N.dollars 9 million, handling of funds entrusted to the CEO, and no proper control over capital projects after completion.
Upon receiving the petition in the absence of the CEO, Gibeon Village Council Chairperson Anna Justine Garoës said the councillors will discuss the content of the petition and forward it to the Minister of Urban and Rural Development.
“We will discuss the content immediately and lodge an investigation into the allegations and forward it to the minister for intervention. That’s all I can say at this stage,” Garoes noted.
The petitioners have given the council 14 days to respond on the matter.