Okakarara residents want electricity

04 Oct 2016 16:00pm
OKAKARARA, 04 OCT (NAMPA) - Nearly 500 residents of the Okakarara Constituency and regional leaders in the Otjozondjupa Region met on Monday to discuss matters of electrification in the constituency.
The meeting was held at the Okakarara Trade Fair Centre with officials from the Central North Regional Electricity Distributor (Cenored), Ministry of Mines and Energy, constituency office and Otjozondjupa Regional Governor Otto Ipinge.
The meeting was organised by Ipinge after several requests for information concerning rural electrification reached his office.
Speaking one after another, community members called on Cenored and the Ministry of Mines and Energy to speed up activities related to electricity supply to their villages.
Godfriedine Katjizembua from Okavare village said Cenored and the ministry must be committed to the mandate of distributing electricity to rural areas, adding that electricity has now become a basic need to make people’s lives easier.
Albert Uariuavi, a resident of the Okombungu village, also called on Government to aggressively look for resources and electrify rural villages in the country in order to speed up the socio-economic growth to everyone.
Another community member from Okakarara, Masola Katataiza, said Government must subsidise electricity tariffs to make it affordable to pensioners.
Responding to their concerns, Cenored Senior Manager for Engineering Services Silvester Wayiti said about five rural villages in the constituency have been electrified by Cenored since 2015.
“We have spent over N.dollars 4 million in this exercise, and the constituency councillor is always reminding us to electrify the remaining villages, so we are aware of your concerns,” he said.
On his part, Acting Chief Engineer in the Ministry of Mines and Energy Eino Kaitungwa said the Okakarara Constituency residents must be patient, as it is now the turn of the Omatako Constituency to receive electricity under the rural electrification programme in the region.
He said about N.dollars 2 million has been budgeted to fund the rural electrification programme in Omatako, and N.dollars 5.6 million for the establishment of a solar power plant in the Tsumkwe Constituency.
Okakarara Constituency Councillor, Vetaruhe Kandozoru said approximately 150 rural villages need electricity in the constituency.
The constituency has a population of over 23 000 people.