Africans assured safety ahead of summit in Turkey

04 Oct 2016 13:50pm
By Mathias Nanghanda
ANKARA, 04 OCT (NAMPA) – Turkish Prime Minister Director-General of Press and Information, Mehmet Akarca has promised high-level security to African delegates at the Turkey-Africa Business Forum next month.
Akarca was responding to questions by a group of six visiting African journalists over whether security is guaranteed following the coup attempt launched by a terror organisation in July this year.
Dubbed the Fethullah Gulen Terrorist Organisation (FETO), the separatist group reportedly launched the coup with support from officers within the Turkish Army in Ankara on 15 July. The attempted coup was said to have been decisively put down at 20h02 on 16 July.
The forum will take place from 02 to 03 November this year, between the Turkish government and its African partners, to review and strengthen their economic relations. All African countries are invited to the forum and each country is expected to be represented by five business people.
“While fighting against terror, we managed to thwart the coup attempt staged by FETO, the partner of all other terrorist organisations. We achieved this with the nation, who responded to our call that night,” Akarca said.
FETO reportedly bombed the Turkish Presidential Complex, National Assembly and buildings of the police and public spaces during the said coup attempt.
The FETO’s coup attempt is said to have injured 2 195 civilians, while 179 died with 62 policemen and five soldiers.
Akarca went on to say that the Turkish people supported the government to thwart FETO’s coup attempt because of the “assurance of their independence and the future was their faith”.
He then appealed to the people of Africa to be vigilant of FETO activities and not to allow its associates to use their countries as training ground.
He said FETO and its allies infiltrate strategic institutions by functioning as an institution of education, health, culture, non-governmental organisations or professional organisations, with the main idea of taking control over state institutions.
Akarca felt that in order to defeat the new type of terrorism under FETO and associates, international solidarity is highly crucial.
Fetullah Gulen, a United States-based preacher from Turkey, is apparently the FETO leader.