Double murder suspect declared mentally ill

02 Oct 2013 07:00
OSHAKATI, 02 OCT (NAMPA) - The 32-year-old man accused of brutally killing his two girlfriends in the Oshana Region about a year ago, was declared mentally disturbed during his reappearance in the magistrate’s court here on Tuesday.
Rudolf Taati Martin appeared before Magistrate Stanley Tembwe, who accepted a medical observance and evaluation report read before the court by State prosecutor Johanna Kefas on Tuesday afternoon.
The report indicated that Martin is not fit to stand trial because he has displayed 'mentally disturbed behavior' during his recent psychiatric evaluation conducted in Windhoek.
Tembwe then declared Martin not capable of following court proceedings after he and Kefas agreed to accept the report.
Police officials were ordered to guard Martin when he became unruly after Tembwe asked him if he also accepted the evaluation report on his mental status.
Martin has also been declared a danger to society and, as such, Tembwe instructed that he be transferred from the Oluno Rehabilitation Centre near Ondangwa to the Windhoek Central Prison.
Martin faced two counts of murder.
During his previous court appearance in September last year, he asked that a psychiatric evaluation be carried out, telling the court at the time that “there is something strange in my mind which results in me mysteriously starting to laugh”.
Martin is accused of killing Frieda Shikongo, 22, at the Kandjengedi informal settlement in Oshakati on 22 July and 23-year-old Basilia Shikesho at Okaukamasheshe village on 23 July 2012.
He murdered Shikongo by severely slitting her throat with a panga inside his living quarters at Kandjengedi, while he killed Shikesho in the field at Okaukamasheshe by stabbing her with a knife 27 times over the body.
Martin is also from Okaukamasheshe, where the police arrested him at his mother’s homestead on 24 July. He has been in police custody since then.
The police found Martin unconscious after he allegedly drank methylated spirits in an attempt to commit suicide.
Shikongo’s death was discovered on 23 July at the Kandjengedi settlement, and Martin was arrested on 24 July.
Shikesho was discovered dead only on 26 July. Her body was found lying in the field at the Okaukamasheshe village with multiple wounds. She reportedly went missing from that village in the afternoon of 22 July.
Martin appeared without legal representation on Tuesday.