Shaningwa explains importance of housing database

01 Oct 2016 10:30am
GROOTFONTEIN, 01 OCT (NAMPA) - The Minister of Urban and Rural Development on Friday requested the Grootfontein Municipality to create a database of the potential housing clients.
Sophia Shaningwa was speaking at the official hand-over of 102 newly built houses under a Public Private Partnership (PPP) at Grootfontein.
She said for her ministry to ensure that all Namibians have access to affordable housing, the Grootfontein Municipality must know of its potential clients and register their names.
Shaningwa extended this call to all local authority councils in the country, for each to generate a list of clients who can afford to buy or build houses in the various towns.
Her office, the town councils and offices of different contractors, she said, needs this information to know the housing backlog in each town, village councils or settlements in the country.
“We need to create this master list of names of potential housing clients as this information will guide and assist us in planning and allocating resources for land servicing and the construction of new houses at your towns for our people.”
Shaningwa added that most town councils still do not know how many people need houses in their areas, how many qualify to buy or build houses themselves and how much the majority of clients qualify for at commercial banks.
She said once the information is available and stored in databases, it will be easy for her ministry to know the actual housing needs at different towns and how to assist such people, either through the Build Together Programme, Shack Dwellers Federation of Namibia, PPP or the Mass Housing programme.
Shaningwa said about 100 000 housing units are still needed to match with the current housing backlog in the country.