Reading exercises brains and improves concentration: Ilboudo

29 Sep 2016 20:30pm
REHOBOTH, 29 SEP (NAMPA) – Reading is a fundamental attribute that every individual should strive to possess in order to improve literacy, says United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) Representative to Namibia Jean-Pierre Ilboudo.
He was speaking during the Hardap Region’s first-ever “Readathon” event here on Thursday.
“Reading is essential for a learner’s success and for lifelong learning. Reading exercises our brains and improves concentration and vocabulary which leads to more highly developed language skills,” Ilboudo noted.
He encouraged learners, teachers and community to develop a culture of reading.
“It is important, so vital that it fuels quality education and provides a platform for lifelong learning,” Ilboudo concluded.
Deputy Director of Lifelong Learning in the Hardap Region Aletta Eises-Thanises recently told Nampa it was observed that learners read without grasping what they read.
To eliminate this, the month of September was declared as literacy month to cultivate a reading culture within learners and adults.
Readathon activities included quizzes, spelling and essay writing competitions, and poem recitals.
The Rehoboth Primary School (PS) beat Vooruitsig Combined School in a quiz on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) material they had to read.
In the spelling competition, Ruimte PS and Oanob PS locked horns, with Oanob winning.
The essay writing competition was won by Erna Motinga from the Cornelius ||Oaseb Secondary School in Gibeon, with the poetry competition won by Rhoda Jarson from Rooiduin Junior Secondary School from Aranos.
Adult learners also participated.
The readathon was held under the theme ‘Opening New Worlds through Reading’.