No one should be a prisoner of a culture: Isaack

26 Sep 2016 18:00pm
REHOBOTH, 26 SEP (NAMPA) – Hardap Regional Governor Esme Isaack has called on Namibians to embrace cultural festivals as such events play a pivotal role in bringing people together, irrespective of tribal or racial differences.
In a speech delivered on her behalf at the Hardap Regional Cultural Festival here on Saturday, Isaack said culture is a way of life that members of society are blessed with and express through language, religion, cuisine, social habits, music and arts.
She said it is, however, important to adapt to changes in culture, as it is not static and changes as human beings develop, adding that no one should be a “prisoner” of a culture.
“We must first be proud of our own culture before we appreciate other people’s cultures,” she said, adding that culture should be promoted and practiced in schools to keep it alive among young people.
Isaack said Namibians should attend, embrace and support cultural festivals to celebrate heritage and to rejoice special moments in people’s lives.
“They play an important role in adding structures to our social lives, connect us with our history and background. Let us use our cultures and traditions, and our knowledge and pass it on to the next generation.”
The cultural festival held at Dr.Lemmer High School in Rehoboth, attracted 39 cultural groups from the region’s eight constituencies.
The colourful event started with a traditional dance of the Nama tribe, known as ‘Namastap’, by the Vooruitsig Combined School.
The groups in each category then took turns and showed their well-rehearsed Namastap dance moves.
In the lower primary category, the Edward Fredericks Primary School displayed a solid Namastap dance routine and a demonstration of how their ancestors made fire. Not to be outdone, WM Jod Primary School from Gibeon also delivered a Namastap dance routine and demonstrated the use of different utensils as by their ancestors.
The junior and senior secondary category mostly consisted of Namastap dance routines.
The festival was held under the theme ‘Taking pride in our cultural heritage’ and had five categories.
Winners of each category will represent the Hardap Region at the national cultural festival from 06 to 10 December 2016 in Katima Mulilo, Zambezi Region.
The winners are:
Lower Primary: Edward Fredericks Primary School from Uibes in Daweb Constituency
Upper Primary: Tas |aesa |ari from Daweb Combined School from Maltahohe in Daweb Constituency
Junior Secondary: Rooiduin Junior Secondary School from Aranos in Aranos Constituency
Senior Secondary/Out of School Youth: Prince Ariyo from Gochas in Mariental Rural Constituency
Adult Category: ||Îhoarasen from Amperbo in Gibeon Constituency
The festival was attended by the regional councillors, community members and children from different schools in the Hardap Region.