German Senior Expert Service presents its programme at NCCI Northern Branch

October 1, 2013, 7:01 am

Press Release

German Senior Expert Service presents its programme at NCCI Northern Branch
On invite of NCCI Northern Branch last week on Monday and Wednesday Ms Janet Stein, the representative of the German Senior Expert Service (SES), has presented the programme and services offered by her organisation to private businesses as well as public institutions.

In her introduction Ms Stein informed the audience that the SES is a German non-profit organisation, existing already for 30 years, having registered about 11,000 retired German experts, and allocating them for short term assignments from 3 weeks to 3 months. So far SES Experts have carried out more than 29,000 missions all over the world. The senior experts themselves work on a voluntary basis, and dispose of profound professional and life experience. In Namibia in 2013 already 25 assignments have been carried out successfully by SES experts. 

Senior Experts give hands-on assistance to enterprises and institutions in need to solve acute problems.

So far assignments focus on but are not limited to: 
 Professional training and skill development of technical and executive staff
 Development of sales and marketing strategies
 Workflow optimization
 Enhancing environmental protection and occupational safety
 Quality management and
 Modernization

The SES’s main clients are SME in a wide range of areas like e.g. agriculture, hospitality, measuring & automatic control engineering, metal works, electrical engineering, arts & crafts and information technology.

The SES concentrates heavily on capacity building and operates according to demand and need. That means potential clients have to kick-start the process by submitting a formal application. After that it takes in general only about 3 months, until the expert is identified and at the place of his assignment. While the SES covers the entire international travel expenses as well as insurances and visas, the client is requested to contribute by full board lodging, local transport, and a daily allowance of N$ 70. 

In the following question & answer session Ms Stein was awarded with very high interest from the participating SME and was able to already support 6 clients in completing their applications. Now we are all anticipating the procedures and look with much excitement forward to the arrival of the first SES expert generated during this NCCI Business information Sharing Meetings.
More information and the contact details of SES Namibia can be requested from your NCCI Northern Branch office.

Issued on behalf of NCCI by
Mrs Hertha Munkundi-Uushona

NCCI Northern Branch Manager