Northern Branch Chairman's Statement September 2013

October 1, 2013, 6:36 am

Northern Branch Chairman’s Statement September 2013

Dear Esteemed NCCI Leaders and NCCI Members,

Dear Northern business community as a whole,

It is with great pleasure and honour that I was commissioned today by our President H.E. Dr. Hifikepunye Pohamba to convey to you his wholehearted gratitude and appreciation for the unlimited contributions northern businesses and institutions provide to the Namibian economy and the Namibian society as a whole. 

During the past week and on the fringes of the multiple events in our area like the Eenhana Trade & Business Expo in Ohangwena, the Ongwediva Annual Trade Fair in Oshana, and the Olufuko

Festival and the Commemoration of the Heroes Day in Omusati, H.E the President had the opportunity to extensively travel through the 4 northern regions and meet with numerous business leaders and executives of private and public institutions. He acknowledged the palpable improvements in infrastructure and the investments taken to generate employment and to supply extended products and services to our citizens. The President assured me that he sincerely appreciates the rapid development of the north and that the efforts all sides put into the economic uplifting of our home are not only remarkable but even extraordinary! 
Finally H.E. The President asked me to once again extend his heartfelt gratitude to all the donors who contributed during the NCCI Business Networking Dinner 2013 to the President’s Charity Fund. More than N$1.2Million in cash and kind have been pledged stressing the amazing commitment of our NCCI members to take their corporate social responsibility, enhance social cohesion, and support the poorest, disadvantaged and marginalised members of the local community in all 14 regions.

This message comes as a confirmation of NCCI's continued interaction and communication with the Northern business community through highlighting the vital role of the upper crust of businesspeople in the establishment and prosperity of the private sector. If the role of the private sector was in the past confined to providing some consumer commodities and basic services beside construction works, it has now become an essential component of comprehensive development within Namibia National Vision 2030, which assigns additional responsibilities to the private sector and its mentors and workers. It is no longer acceptable that the role of the private sector be reduced to that of a mere agent for commodities and services. From the biographies and business history of a number of the Northern Namibian businesses we can identify those who have enriched the private enterprise activity either by exploring new business fields or by giving a good example of perseverance, steadfastness and patience with slow-yielding industrial investments until they finally bore fruit and became landmark achievements in the field of industry.
Although the encyclopaedia reviews the biographies of most Northern Namibia businesses, it doesn't give justice to the others who were not mentioned here not for lack of recognition of their role but for lack of adequate data and information. So Northern Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry urges all businesses who have contributed to the success of any economic field to supply the Chamber with their biographies and brief accounts of their field of work and foreign investments so that our future editions of the NCCI Businessmen and woman encyclopaedia can provide a wider coverage of business people and fields and become a real medium of communication and a true account of our economic realities.

I am very proud and honoured to have the pleasure of being your NCCI Northern Chairman and I thank you! 
May Almighty God bless us all with the ability to serve the common good!
Mr Tomas Iindji (Omukokoli)
Chairperson of NCCI Northern Branch