Businesses support Rundu Trade Fair

18 Sep 2016 17:50pm
RUNDU, 18 SEP (NAMPA) - After calls by the Rundu Town Council for sponsorship by local businesses towards the Rundu Trade Fair, Hotel Rundu on Wednesday donated N.dollars 20 000 towards the organisation of the event.
The trade fair is scheduled to take place from 01 to 05 November this year.
The Rundu Trade Fair, which will be held for the first time this year, stems from the Okavango Trade Fair which was organised annually by an association established by the then Kavango Regional Council through its Rundu Urban Constituency.
The regional council recently decided to hand over the organisation of the event to the town council.
Speaking at the handing over of the donation to the town council, Rundu Mayor Verna Sinimbo thanked the management of the hotel for their donation and called on other businesses to emulate their example.
“Rundu is a town we are all proud to live and do business in, so let us show how proud we are of our town by supporting our own trade fair,” she added.
The mayor indicated that the support does not necessarily have to be in monetary form, adding that sharing ideas on how to make the trade fair a success is also a valuable contribution.
Other businesses that have donated towards the trade fair include Standard Bank Namibia (N.dollars 70 000); Nampost (N.dollars 24 000); MTC (N.dollars 40 000) and NBC (N.dollars 40 000).