Northern Entrepreneurs show high interest in Business Opportunities related to the NAC Ondangwa Airport upgrading

October 1, 2013, 6:35 am

Once again the vitality and potential of the northern economy has been highlighted yesterday (01.08.2013) by the extraordinary interest of about 70 northern entrepreneurs at a Business Information Sharing Meeting with the Namibia Airports Company (NAC). Facilitated by the Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI) Northern Branch the NAC presented a broad range of business opportunities related to the current upgrading of Ondangwa Airport.

The meeting was opened by the NAC Senior Business Development Officer Ms Veronicia Montsi, who warmly welcomed the guests and expressed her appreciation for the amazing turnout of northern businesses attending the meeting and showing their sincere interest in the upcoming development of the Ondangwa Airport. She also provided the framework for the meeting by explaining the importance NAC sets into local entrepreneurship and empowerment.

Then Mr Iindji, NCCI Northern Branch Chairperson, acknowledged and appreciated the efforts of the NAC to extend and upgrade the Ondangwa Airport to a mayor gateway for and to the North and linked it to local and regional development in the 4-O-Region. He outlined that in the wider context of liberal economy the development of transport infrastructure and access points to new markets is a key catalyst for continuous growth and business facilitation. In this regard he pointed to the enormous benefits of the development, which he named as:

• Providing enhanced quality services, increasing flight numbers and passengers as well as increasing connections with regional destinations in southern Africa like e.g.
Lusaka, Luanda, and Maputo
• Serving as an easy entry point for national and international business people and tourists alike to the 4-O-Region
• Linking the local economy with national and regional African markets and speed up the disseminations of innovative products and services

The presentation of the NAC development plans and the related business opportunities was carried out by NAC GM of Commercial Services Mrs Toska Sem. She briefly sketched the revenue generation potential of the upgrading before she comprehensively briefed the entrepreneurs on the business opportunities. On one hand these include the setup of services affiliated to the airport like: 

• The installation and maintenance of a car park control system
• Building maintenance and security services
• The installation of hospitality services on the premises (tour operators, travel agencies, restaurants, curio & duty free shops, car rental services etc.)

On the other hand the NAC anticipates a wide range of property development projects like e.g.:

• Hotel and conference facilities
• Shopping centres and cargo warehouses as well as a fuel station
• Aeronautical service and maintenance amenities
• Sport and entertainment facilities

Finally Mrs Sem underlined that the commercial strategy of NAC clearly targets advanced local empowerment and products and supports local entrepreneurship, ownership and accountability and hence, will cooperate closely with the NCCI Northern branch when disseminating tenders for the respective projects in the near future.

After a question & answer session displaying the appreciation of the audience with the NAC initiative, the meeting was closed with a lunch providing the welcome opportunity to share thoughts and proposals as well as to link up concepts and business ideas.
Issued on behalf of NCCI by
Mr Tomas Iindji
Chairperson of NCCI Northern Branch