Kalkrand CEO suspended for alleged fraud

16 Sep 2016 13:10pm
MARIENTAL, 16 SEP (NAMPA) – The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Kalkrand Village Council, Seth Boois was on Thursday suspended with immediate effect, pending an investigation from the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development.
The suspension came a month after villagers took to the streets on 19 August and demanded his immediate removal, accusing him of corruption and mismanagement of funds and for the line ministry to intervene.
Speaking to Nampa via telephone on Friday, Chairperson of the Kalkrand Village Council Management Committee, Hendrick Nuganab confirmed his suspension.
“I can confirm that after a resolution taken by the council, the CEO has been suspended with full pay pending an investigation into the accusations. The ministry will send down an investigation team to Kalkrand and we felt it will only be fair to have him vacate his office so as not to interfere with the process,” said Nuganab.
A preliminary investigating team from the Hardap Regional Council (HRC) has been dispatched.
Nuganab said the reasons for suspension are allegedly incomplete capital projects and non-accountability of capital project funds.
“There were claims made to pay for 60 sewage septic tanks while only 30 were ordered. The acting Chief Regional Officer (CRO) of HRC, Theresia Basson wrote a letter to us and requested for the attachments of quotations and purchase orders before any payment is made and we learned at that moment about the claim. The soccer stadium is one of the capital projects that are incomplete, but funds are not there to complete it. It was budgeted for and we don’t know what happened to the funds,” said Nuganab.
When contacted for comment on Friday morning, Basson also confirmed the claims regarding the sewage tanks whereby a request was made to pay for 60, while only 30 were ordered and ready for delivery. She said the contractor, King Investment CC, came to see her in Mariental for payment.
“I received a request from Boois to make a payment to King Investment CC for 60 sewage tanks but I wanted the attachments and proof of orders before I make any payments. I sent back the documents without approving the payment and Boois called the permanent secretary’s office in Windhoek and told them I am delaying the payment for the contractor, and the contractor downed tools in protest of non-payment,” she said.
Basson said the contractor even drove down to Mariental to see her as he was told she is withholding payment.
“He had the documents with him (orders) and it was clear only 30 tanks were ordered, whereby 20 were already delivered. He told me himself only 30 tanks were ordered and not 60 as claimed by Boois,” said Basson.
Contacted for comment on Friday morning, Boois said he was unable to comment as he was driving and told this reporter to call later. At around 10h30 an attempt was made to contact Boois again whereby he told this reporter to “write anything” and that he will not comment.
“Let’s not talk now. You can write anything you want. I will not comment on anything,” Boois replied.