New fence for Ongwediva dumpsite

14 Sep 2016 13:20pm
ONGWEDIVA, 14 SEP (NAMPA) – The surroundings of the Ongwediva dumpsite is littered with plastic bags and other refuse as the fence there has been vandalised.
Children also easily access the dumpsite from neighbouring residential areas to scavenge for food and items they can use or play with.
Spokesperson of the Ongwediva Town Council, Jackson Muma said the dumping of waste has become uncontrollable since the fence was vandalised a few years ago.
“Without the fence, waste control at the site is very difficult,” Muma told Nampa on enquiry Wednesday, saying the municipality has put money aside this financial year for a new fence for the dumpsite.
He then appealed to law-abiding members of the public to report any individual found vandalising the fence in future.
“We have recruited someone to deal with people at the site, but this person finds it difficult to maintain control due to hindrances by some people who swear at him,” the spokesperson stated.
Muma was not certain when the new fence will be erected.