Opuwo culpable homicide accused granted bail

14 Sep 2016 11:50am
OPUWO, 14 SEP (NAMPA) – A man who faces charges of culpable homicide was granted bail by the Opuwo Magistrate’s Court on Friday.
Pefiku Makina, 35, was refused bail on his first appearance on 25 August 2016 because investigations were still at an initial stage then.
Magistrate Leena Iyambo granted the accused bail of N. dollars 1 500 and the case was postponed to 21 November 2016.
It is alleged that Makina ran Unokana Ntinda, 31, over with a pickup vehicle in the Otuzemba settlement of Opuwo on the night of 24 August.
Makina allegedly fled the scene of the accident and failed to report the matter to the police.
He was arrested the same night and appeared in court the following day.
Police documents have it that the vehicle was found hidden behind a local bar in Otuzemba and an inspection found blood stains on the rear left side of the vehicle.
The deceased was found dead on the street by members of the police patrolling the area.