90th White Flag Day anniversary next month

14 Sep 2016 09:00am
SWAKOPMUND, 14 SEP (NAMPA) – Ovaherero community members will commemorate the 90th anniversary of White Flag Day at Omaruru on 02 October.
Commemorators will be gathering at the venue as of 30 September.
Vice-President Nickey Iyambo is expected to deliver the main speech at this historic event.
“The event will definitely take place. We are expecting a lot of Government leaders as well as traditional leaders. We also invited people from across the country to come and celebrate this colourful event,” Chairperson of the Zeraeua Traditional Authority Fabianus Hivirikee Uaseuapuani told Nampa on Tuesday.
The annual event is held to pay homage to late Ovaherero chiefs from the Zeraeua community, especially those who fought against invasions by then German colonisers and Nama people.
Most of these chiefs such as Christian Wilhelm Zeraeua, the first chief of the Zeraeua Traditional Authority who died in November 1886, were born in Omaruru and were buried there.
The town council and the police already confirmed their participation in terms of traffic escort and patrols for security purposes during the event.
“Apart from speeches and the history of our late heroes, people can also expect traditional Herero dances of Omuhiva and Outjina,” said Uaseuapuani.
Omuhiva is a battle chant done by men, while Outjina is done by women.
“Because this is a special event, we also expect all leaders and community members from the Red Flag, and Ovambanderu flags to be with us,” said the traditional leader.
Late Chief Christian Wilhelm Zeraeua is the man credited with the establishment of the Omaruru settlement in 1863.
He is also remembered for his prominent role in the war between the Ovaherero and the Namas around 1863, and for being the first Herero chief to have travelled to Walvis Bay to buy guns to fight and defeat the Namas.
Other leaders who ruled the Zeraeua community after Wilhelm are Manasse and Michael Tjiseseta, Christian Willem Eerike Zeraeua, and the currently Manasse Christian Zeraeua, who was appointed in 2012.