Rehoboth Community Trust cleans town

12 Sep 2016 14:00pm
REHOBOTH, 12 SEP (NAMPA) - The Rehoboth Community Trust, assisted by about 40 community members, has initiated a clean-up campaign in the town.
The first phase of the campaign took place Thursday and Friday, while the dates of the second phase are still to be announced.
Chairperson of the trust, Ronald Kubas told Nampa on Friday the southern side of Rehoboth on the B1 national road gives people passing through a bad impression of the town and they want to do something about it.
“On your way to the south, you see all kinds of domestic refuse and building rubble lying in the riverbed there, which makes Rehoboth look dirty. We thought why not engage the community and clean up our town.”
Kubas asserted that a lot has been said about the town in the Hardap Region being dirty, yet no one does anything.
“We invited the community via local radio stations and our Facebook page. People were paid N.dollars 15 for each bag of rubbish they collected and in total, 850 bags were collected. I commend those who were part of the campaign for their hard work.”
All the refuse was disposed of at the town’s main dumpsite.
Kubas urged Rehoboth citizens to treat the environment as they treat their homes.
“Let’s keep our environment clean at all times and refrain from dumping our household refuse in riverbeds and open spaces.”
Dinah Strauss, a committee member of the trust and part of the campaign echoed Kubas’ sentiment and pleaded with the community not to resort to illegal dumping.
“It is only fair that we keep our environment clean at all times,” Strauss said.
The Rehoboth Community Trust was established in 2003 to work towards community members being aware of their social responsibility. The trust recently donated gardening equipment to Vooruitsig Combined Junior Secondary School in Rehoboth for their gardening project and four wheelchairs to community members in need.