Elders should learn to read and count to manage own finances

10 Sep 2016 11:00am
BETHANIE, 10 SEP (NAMPA) – Anna Frederick, wife of !Aman Chief of Bethanie David Frederick, urged the elderly to join adult literacy programmes to help them manage their monthly pension grants.
“Our elders should learn to read and count so that they can manage their own finances and not entrust this important matter to their grandchildren,” Frederick said at the Literacy Day celebrations held here on Thursday.
Frederick, known as ‘Mama’ in her community, further encouraged children and adults to learn to read and write their native languages.
“Our local languages must stand the test of time. It is good to learn English, but do not throw your own language away,” Frederick said in the Nama language.
Jacky Rukamba, a deputy director in the Ministry of Education’s //Kharas regional directorate, urged parents to encourage their children to stay in school and not exit at Grade 10, as has been the trend of late.
“It is a painful reality that our children think that Grade 10 is the exit point of their education. You need to tell them at home that they can be that doctor or that engineer in life,” said Rukamba.
She said adult people who have dreamt in their youth of becoming teachers, nurses or police officers should not be content with less desirable situations they find themselves in today, but should go back and acquire training.
“Opportunities to complete high school and enter tertiary education are available; make that choice and go back to school to better your lives,” Rukamba said.
Acting Chief Executive Officer of the Bethanie Village Council Otto Shipanga encouraged villagers to use information and communication technology (ICT) to their benefit.
He called on Government to expand ICT access in the remote parts of the country towards the inclusion of rural people.
//Kharas Education Director /Awebahe //Hoeseb congratulated participants enrolled in the adult literacy programmes in the region.
“These are the people previously left behind who are now functionally literate and who can encourage others to also join,” he said.
Literacy Day, now in its 50th year, is a global initiative by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO).
International Literacy Day 2016 was held under the theme ‘Reading the Past, Writing the Future’.