GBV has a negative impact on children: LifeLine/ChildLine

30 Sep 2013 08:50
WINDHOEK, 30 SEP (NAMPA) - The plight of many Namibian children is diverse and regionalised, a local counselling organisation said on Saturday.
Speaking during the Day of the Namibian Child celebrations – also observed countrywide – here on Saturday, Lizette Feris from LifeLine/ChildLine told Nampa that Namibia is one nation, but every region faces different challenges.
Feris, a radio production manager at LifeLine/ChildLine, said the major challenge for children is their parents’ lack of parenting skills.
“Children need the parenting skills, and most of them currently are not getting that at home,” she said with concern.
Luckily, there are organisations like LifeLine/ChildLine, the Katutura Youth Enterprise Centre (KAYEC), Desert Soul and the Ombetja Yehinga Organisation (OYO), amongst others, which give children guidance to make proper decisions.
“Gender-Based Violence (GBV) has a negative impact on children. These are things that children see in childhood, and they will most likely think there is nothing wrong with GBV when they are adults,” explained Feris.
She thus called on parents to listen to their children if they really have their children's interests at heart.
“Gone are the days when children were only seen, and not heard. We must listen to them, as well and tap into their ideas, energy and spirit to change their plight”, she added.
Some of the youngsters from KAYEC which this agency spoke to said they struggle with things like peer pressure at school; abuse by parents, relatives and even teachers; alcohol abuse, and the mushrooming of shebeens in their communities; and the lack of children's protection when abused.
This year, the Day of the Namibian Child was celebrated under the theme “Eliminating harmful social and cultural practices affecting children: Our Collective Responsibility”.