Elephants threatening lives of villagers in Kunene

08 Sep 2016 15:50pm
OPUWO, 08 SEP (NAMPA) - Elephants are threatening the lives of people at the villages of Omuheke and Okambasera in the Sesfontein constituency.
There are 15 homesteads in the two villages.
Iningirua Musaso, a resident of Omuheke told Nampa on Friday the borehole at this village ran dry in 1996 and since then the villagers are sharing a well with a neighbouring village, Omumborombonga, situated about seven kilometres west for Omuheke.
He told Nampa the well is used by both people and elephants despite the water not being fit for human consumption.
“We at times have to go without water when the elephants are at the water points and wells the whole day,” Musaso said.
Aline Nguzeeta, a pensioner, said she buys water from nearby villages because she gets sick when she drinks the water they get from the well.
Musaso also told this news agency the fact that they have to use the bushes when nature calls as they have no toilets places them at further risk of being attacked by elephants.
Village headman, Ueritjaera Ndjai said they have been seeking help from the relevant authorities, including the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry’s rural water supply department in Opuwo, since 1996 but nothing has been done to date.
“Our appeal to government is to drill a borehole for us and while they are waiting for the money to be released they can supply us with water in a tank,” Ndjai said.
Approached for comment, Kapukatua Kuvare who heads the Rural Water Supply Department said Omuheke is one of seven villages in the Kunene Region where they plan to drill boreholes.
Kuvare said N.dollars 4,2 million will be availed through the Office of the Prime Minister for the drilling of the boreholes.
Omuheke and Okambasera are situated about 12 kilometres from the Werda Gate, a veterinary control gate in the Kamanjab area.