Transporting of passengers in trucks must stop: City Police

07 Sep 2016 19:50pm
WINDHOEK, 07 SEP (NAMPA) - The City Police have once again issued a warning on the transporting of people in trucks, saying the introduction of higher fines has done little to bring about change.
The high number of accidents involving passengers transported on the backs of vehicles meant to transport goods forced the City Police to amend their road traffic laws.
The new regulations - Section 91 of the Road Traffic and Transport Act 22 of 1999 - were published in the Government Gazette on 28 July 2015.
A media statement issued on Wednesday City Police Superintendent for Community and Public Relations, Cillie Auala said the amendment of road traffic laws did not bring about the desired change in motorists’ behaviour.
“Transporting of passengers at the back of trucks continues to be a problem despite the amendment of traffic and transport regulations,” said Auala.
She added that the practice not only endangers the lives of the passengers, but could result in fines of N.dollars 1 000 to N.dollars 4 000 for drivers.
The newly amended laws state that all trucks in excess of 3 500 kilogrammes (kg) in terms of gross vehicle mass are not allowed to carry passengers.
“Moreover, the law stipulates that a pick-up vehicle [or truck] must only transport passengers if it is fitted with materials of sufficient strength to prevent the passengers from falling when the vehicle is in motion. However, people continue to transgress irrespective of these conditions,” she said.
Auala said the City Police have introduced a range of initiatives aimed at addressing such concerns.
“The operations also focus on overloading, vehicle road-worthiness, and [the validity] of license disks. Officers on the ground are also checking for valid driver's licences and personal authorisation documents,” she warned.
She further pleaded with members of the public to approach the City Police in person or telephonically to report unruly motorists who contravene traffic regulations.