IUM Cultural Expo taking place in Ongwediva

07 Sep 2016 16:50pm
ONGWEDIVA, 07 SEP (NAMPA) – The International University of Management (IUM) has merged its cultural festival and expo into one annual event.
Introduced in 2012, the two events were previously celebrated apart, providing platforms for culture and business separately, but the university made a decision to merge the two as it felt they complement one another.
This was announced by IUM’s Northern Campus Coordinator, Simataa Mwiya during the official opening of this year’s cultural expo at the university’s Ongwediva Campus on Tuesday.
“Since the university is a business school and the aspect of culture plays a major role in Namibian society, we thought it would be best to make the two events one,” he said.
Mwiya said the event not only creates a platform for the university to market itself, but is also a way for the university to plough back into the community.
This year’s expo is being held under the theme ‘Culturally segregated nation, unified as one’.
Over 40 exhibitors are taking part in the event, which commenced on Monday.
Mwiya expressed his gratitude to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) for always participating in the expo and promoting local businesses.
“I am impressed at how SMEs incorporate culture into their businesses, it shows that this is something we all have pride in,” he said.
The Ongwediva Campus is the second largest IUM campus in the country after Windhoek. More than 2 000 students are registered there for courses such as business and education.
The expo ends Saturday.