Oshana education director urges men to join literacy programme

07 Sep 2016 09:00am
UUKWANGULA, 07 SEP (NAMPA) - The Oshana Region on Tuesday celebrated its annual Literacy Day at Uukwangula settlement, where regional education director Hileni Amukana said more men should participate in adult education.
Amukana told those present not many men attend adult literacy classes, while some appear to not take the classes seriously.
She said promoters leaving the adult education programme for greener pastures is another challenge the Oshana Region is facing.
According to Amukana, seven of the 32 family literacy promoters have resigned in the region this year.
Oshana has six adult education districts - Eheke, Okaku, Olulongo, Oluno, Ompundja and Oshakati.
“The region has 11 constituencies, with a District Education Officer (DEO) to be based in every constituency. The region is currently busy aligning DEOs to constituencies,” Amukana explained, adding that the DEO positions are advertised.
Family literacy, national literacy (basic literacy programme), adult upper primary education and adult skills development for self-employment are the programmes offered in the region.
The Oshana annual Literacy Day celebration forms part of the 24th year of Adult Learners' Week (ALW) in Namibia and the 50th International Literacy Day (ILD).
The national theme this year is 'Promotion of Information and Communication Technology in Delivering Literacy and Lifelong Learning for Sustainable Development'.