Bogus police officers operating in Otjozondjupa

06 Sep 2016 13:30pm
OTJIWARONGO, 06 SEP (NAMPA) - The Otjozondjupa Police on Monday expressed concern with an ongoing syndicate of people impersonating Namibian Police Force (NamPol) commissioners and inspectors to carry out criminal activities.
NamPol’s Otjozondjupa Head of Operations, Deputy Commissioner Moses Khairabeb on Tuesday issued a warning to livestock farmers and businesspeople about the new crime syndicate in the region targeting them.
Khairabeb said an unidentified criminal on Monday called a senior Government official in the Kunene Region on pretence that he was a police deputy commissioner in the Otjozondjupa Region looking for him.
“This criminal then told the executive officer to deposit or e-wallet money into an account so that a warrant of arrest that was issued against him (executive) could be destroyed; yet there was nothing like that,” he said.
Khairabeb said some weeks ago, another criminal called a farmer on pretence that he was Erongo Regional Police Commander, Commissioner Andreas Nelumbu.
This crook told the farmer that since he hunted illegally and killed some protected game on a farm, the farmer was wanted by the police.
“The criminal told the farmer that if he did not want to be arrested, he must cooperate and e-wallet or deposit money into a bank account so that the warrant of arrest could be destroyed”.
Khairabeb said these criminals are using unknown and private mobile phone numbers when making these calls, which makes it difficult for the police to trace them.
Some farmers and businesspeople in the region already fell victim to the scam as they deposited money for crimes they have allegedly committed, and only realised later that they were conned.
He therefore advised the public to inform the police immediately if contacted by any ‘police officer’ with requests for money.