BMX finals produce thrilling rides

05 Sep 2016 12:00pm
WINDHOEK, 04 SEP (NAMPA) – The BMX national finals held in Windhoek on Saturday produced some exciting cycling, with more than 80 children from across Namibia under the ages of 10 participating.
The event, the first of its kind for Namibia, took place at the Katutura Multi-purpose Centre and is part of the Namibian Cycling Federation’s (NCF) five-year development plan called ‘Kids on Bikes’, which aims to encourage cycling, and notably BMX as a cycling discipline, among youngsters.
The project is promoted by Rand Merchant Bank (RMB) Namibia through the FNB Namibia Holdings Foundation Trust.
NCF Secretary-General Sally Harper said over 60 children from all over Namibia participated in the event.
“Our aim is to introduce children to cycling at an early age, and maybe who knows, in 10 to 12 years’ time, one of these kids may win a gold at the Olympics. We teach them bike handling skills mostly, and if they can learn these skills at an early age, they can go on and ride any bikes,” she said during the event.
Harper also revealed that they will continue establishing cycling clubs across Namibia with the help of Rand Merchant Bank.
“This is the first event of such magnitude, and we are planning on having more such events in future. Next year we will add the under-16 age group,” she added.
Apart from the top riders from the various regions where BMX centres have been established, three teams from Windhoek participated, namely a combined Katutura Youth Enterprise Centre KAYEC/ Physically Active Youth (PAY) team, a combined Vertigo BMX Club/Suiderhof Primary School team, and Rock Hoppers, bringing the total participants to 80 children.
The results:
Under-8 girls:
Gold - Faheefa Morkel (BMX Vertigo/Suiderhof PS)
Silver - Jolene Nautoro (BMX Omaruru)
Bronze - Elma Itope (BMX Gobabis)

U-10 girls:
Gold - Alica Engelbrecht (BMX Vertigo/Suiderhof PS)
Silver - Jenny Resburg (BMX Omaruru)
Bronze - Naemi Kapingana (PAY/KAYEC)

U-8 boys:
Gold - Nathan Chase (St George’s)
Silver - Zach Philander (BMX Vertigo/Suiderhof PS)
Bronze - Peter Grant Steenkamp (BMX Vertigo/Suiderhof PS)

U-10 boys:
Gold - Rocha Afrikaner (BMX Gobabis)
Silver - Aiden Engelbrecht (BMX Vertigo/Suiderhof PS)
Bronze - Pius Junior Amungulu (BMX Gobabis)