UNAM student remanded in custody on murder charge

01 Sep 2016 18:20pm
KATIMA MULILO, 01 SEP (NAMPA) - A University of Namibia (UNAM) student arrested in connection with murder in July this year, has been remanded back into the custody of the Namibian Police at Katima Mulilo.
In his second appearance before the Katima Mulilo Magistrate’s Court on Thursday, the 21-year-old Aurlus Sitwala was sent back to jail because investigations into the murder he is alleged to have committed, have not yet been finalised.
He stands accused of murdering 16-year-old Reagan Sijuwa Sinyinda, who was stabbed six times.
Magistrate Vincent Nzaca also informed Sitwala that his application for legal aid has not yet been approved. The matter was postponed to 04 October 2016.
In July, Nampa reported that Sitwala is said to be the leader of the 'Team 50' gang, which is made up of 50 young men who have become notorious for attacking and robbing residents of the Chotto, Macaravan, Dairy and Mahohoma informal settlements.
Sitwala and six other gang members allegedly attacked Sinyinda and robbed him of his mobile phone, before stabbing him to death near the Ngweze Community Hall on 02 July.
Sitwala is still the only person arrested in connection with the murder.
Public Prosecutor Jatiel Mudamburi is representing the State in the matter.