How Nestor can redeem Harry Simon

29 Sep 2013 10:00

An unconvincing unanimous decision victory by Harry Simon (29f-29w) over his Serbian opponent Geared Ajetovic on Saturday at Ramatex has left more questions than answers on The Hurricane’s future.
Dspite him annexing the International Boxing Federation (IBF) International title, most Namibians felt either the judges watched a different fight or Harry has become a pale shadow of his former self.
Indeed from the moment he stepped onto the ring, signs foretelling that Harry has changed were there. From being a Terminator to renaming himself The Hurricane, Simon walked into the ring on a Michael W. Smith’s ‘Awesome God’. Either seeking divine interventions or indications that he is no longer the ruthless ring psychopath that we all used to know, Simon had no control of the first four rounds of the bout.
“I dominated eight of those rounds, there was no way he could have won,” he says of his opponent.
But for most Namibians, that is not the Harry they are used to. They expected a knock out, they expected a bullish fighter from the word. He even kissed the canvas thanks to a shove by his opponent, and made some mistakes among them a low blow to Ajetovic. That is not the Harry Simon, Namibians wanted to see.
But that is the new Harry Simon. He is the new champion, and insists he still has it. With Telecom Namibia’s new TN product promising to go far, Harry has a good backup to redeem himself and convince Namibians about his ‘talented and gifted’ philosophy. TN Mobile already scored its own upper-cut on perennial boxing sponsor MTC, its competitor by having the bout live on NBC and attracting a strong 5000 vociferous audience.
And to give TN Mobile more visibility and prove his fans, Harry Simon needs to fight one, Vikapita Meroro.
 A victory over a younger Meroro, a Namibian, with international judges is the only key to Simon’s total redemption after Saturday night at Ramatex.
Meroro is Simon’s biggest critic, loud-mouthed for that matter and could have been enjoying more the criticism that the latter is getting.
The two were expected to fight each other on September the 7th this year, but due to differences between Meroro and Simon camp about the weight division of Meroro, the fight could not materialise.
Simon’s handler, Anita Tjombe last week said the two boxers will fight each other by the end of this year, something that still is unlikely to happen because Simon’s aim is a world title fight against Bernard Hopkins Jr current IBF champion of the world.
Meroro is currently a World Boxing Organisation (WBO) African Cruiserweight champion a division that Simon fought against Ruben Groenewaldt last year.
Only Nestor Tobias, Meroro’s minder, has the final say to this fight.
Tobias insists Meroro will only fight Simon if right procedures  are followed after claim from Tjombe that Meroro had signed a pre contract to fight Simon, something that Tobias denied despite Meroro having revealed to The Villager sports desk that he indeed signed.